About Callie's Creations


Hi y'all!

This website has been a long time coming and I'm glad you stopped by!

I'm Callie...a mom, wife, and small business owner. My passion in life is creating and making people happy. I strive to bring a smile and sunshine to everyone's life, whether it be one of my creations or just an encouraging word.

My passion for creating and entrepreneurial spirit started back in my childhood with friendship bracelets and lemonade stands. No ordinary lemonade stand was enough for me! With every lemonade sold, you got a hand knotted friendship bracelet made by yours truly.  In my teens my mom co-owned a paint your own pottery store that had a jewelry making station and classes that ignited my creative fire even more. I learned to crochet, paint and anything else to be my creative outlet. 

Callie's Creations started in 2009 after reading a book called Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. I decided to turn my passion for creating into a way to supplement my income from my career. At that time I was making jewelry and hustling it to my coworkers and family. Oftentimes I would set up my jewelry in an empty cube at work. Oh the way I slung that jewelry! I'm sure my employer was thrilled when social media came around so I'd stop bringing my jewelry to work!

Callie's Creations has evolved and has had many faces over the past decade...from jewelry to crochet to paintings and finally my beloved Cricut machine. I had big dreams for this business and hoped to one day do this full time. That once far fetched dream became my reality in September 2018! I quit my career to focus 100% on my baby, Callie's Creations. Next big goal is a retail space.